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Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains form a rugged and extensive mountain range across Morocco. This mountainous region is characterized by diverse landscapes, including high plateaus, deep valleys, and towering peaks. Throughout the Atlas Mountains, you'll find picturesque valleys, traditional Berber villages, and terraced fields.If you want to heavy climbing in a hot environment the Atlas Mountain Tour is for you.Atlas Mountain Quick Facts
- Marrakech to Agadir
- 850 km (up to)*
- ~12.000 m elev.*
- min. 9 days of cycling
- Gravel Bike
*Route can be fully personalised.

Porto <> Barcelona

This tour is characterized by diverse and captivating landscapes that range from rugged coastlines to lush green hills and towering mountain ranges, offering a rich tapestry of natural beauty and human history.If you want a nice cycling tour with lots of espresso, tapas and a good cerveza at the end of the day, this tour is for you.Porto to Barcelona Quick Facts
- Porto to Barcelona
- 1240 km (up to)*
- ~13.000 m elev.*
- min 11 days of cycling
- Gravel or Road Bike
*Route can be fully personalised.

Trondheim <> Berlin

Norways nature is a harmonious blend of coastal splendor, majestic fjords, mountainous vistas, and cultural gems. We will cycle on lonely gravel roads through the forest of Norway. There will be heavy climbs and long stretches on the flat plateaus.Trondheim to Berlin
- Marrakech to Agadir
- 1500 km (up to)*
- ~10.000 m elev.*
- min 16 days of cycling
- Gravel or Road Bike
*Route can be fully personalised.

Munich <> Venice

This tour stretches from Munich to Venice and we will cross the Alps and enjoy the Dolomites with their rugged peaks with unique pink and orange hues, alpine valleys, and crystal-clear lakes.Munich to Venice Quick Facts
- Munich to Venice
- 621 km (up to)*
- ~10.000 m elev.*
- min 6 days of cycling
- Road Bike
*Route can be fully personalised.

Porto <> Faro

Coming soon...

Copenhagen <> Berlin

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Cycle Training

I am a passionate road cyclist since many years. But for quick sessions I use the studio and cycle indoors. If you want to join those sessions or if you want an individual or private class please feel free to reach out.


As a passionate fitness enthusiast, I've been sharing my love for movement as a cycling coach.
While my time with cycling is incredibly rewarding, I've soon felt a calling to delve deeper into the world of mindful movement and core strength. That's why I took the leap and started teaching Pilates as well.
My passion for music harmoniously intertwines with my classes, infusing each session with rhythmic melodies that inspire and uplift, helping participants stay motivated and engaged throughout a tough workout.

Contact Me

If you would like to receive more information about a specific tour please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi, I am Anton and I am very passionate about cycling and travelling. I love bike packing as it gives me that sense of freedom and the possibility to go wherever I want. I have been cycling through many countries in Europe and Africa. And want to share these experience with those that want to take a brake from reality and go on an adventure.